Cards EP Fond of Rules Release Date 29 Apr 2019
Fond of Rules - Mr Brown [Heisenberg]
Fond of Rules - Cards [Heisenberg]
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Two In One (inc. Pheek Remix) D I N Release Date 01 Apr 2019
D I N - Two In One (Original Mix) [Heisenberg]
D I N - Two In One (Pheek Remix) [Heisenberg]
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Blue Port EP Wyro Release Date 11 Mar 2019
Wyro - Blue Port [Heisenberg]
Wyro - Nightride [Heisenberg]
Wyro - Tuman [Heisenberg]
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Kruzhevo / Razrez Matpri Release Date 18 Feb 2019
Matpri - Kruzhevo [Heisenberg]
Matpri - Razrez [Heisenberg]
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Villaluz Alejandro Cuestas Release Date 21 Jan 2019
Alejandro Cuestas - Villaluz
Alejandro Cuestas - Brisasss
Alejandro Cuestas - Colecciones
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FRAME / CAST Kaitaro Release Date 10 Dec 2018
Kaitaro - Cast [HSBRG037]
Kaitaro - Frame [HSBRG037]
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Foggy (Remixes) ANTON KUBIKOV Release Date 19 Nov 2018
Anton Kubikov - Foggy (Defaultman & Sapurra Fall Fever Remix)
Anton Kubikov - Foggy (Federico Molinari Remix)
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Untitled Space (vinyl only) Saktu Release Date 05 Nov 2018
A1 Saktu - Untitled Space (Original Mix) [SAKTU002]
A2 Saktu - Untitled Space (Jamahr Remix) [SAKTU002]
B1 Saktu - Ruki V Boki (Original Mix) [SAKTU002]
B2 Saktu - Ruki V Boki (Anrilov Remix) [SAKTU002]
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ORIGINS / SATURN Moett C, Dieru Release Date 29 Oct 2018
Moett C & Dieru - Origins
Moett C & Dieru - Saturn
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No Matter What Yulia Niko Release Date 17 Sep 2018
Yulia Niko - No matter what (Original Mix)
Yulia Niko - No matter what (Worker Union Bass reinterpretation)
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Beatport Top Ten Tracks

Yulia Niko - No Matter What Worker Union Bass Reinterpretation
Matpri - Kruzhevo Original Mix
Wyro - Blue Port Original Mix
Dot (Dotan Bibi) - Walked Out Reyam Remix
Moett C, Dieru - Origins Original Mix
Matpri - Razrez Original Mix
Dieru - Mind Control F.eht Remix
Sergey Sanchez, Mag Day Chuk - Inflate Swoy Remix
Wyro - Tuman Original Mix
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